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I'd fallen tragically in love with a man who was always just out of reach.

I knew two things for certain...

Levi was the man I could never live with.

Grant was the man I could never live without.

How could I have known that one night would find a way into his heart forever?

What I thought was over... hadn't even begun.

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Smokin Love

Details coming soon...

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Non-fiction WEIGHT LOSS
WTF am I supposed to eat?

Part obsessive dieter's manifesto, part smart-ass common sense, WTF am I supposed to eat? is insightful, refreshing, and motivating - the kick in the ass that you need to stop listening to everyone else, and start doing what is right for you.

"I've spent a lifetime sifting through a sea of weight loss information and misinformation, all tangled up in knots; it is my mission to unravel the mess and search for WTF is the truth, and WTF is total bullshit."

WTF am I supposed to eat? is not a scientific proclamation of facts, although there are plenty throughout. There are also pieces of bullshit scattered here and there to see if you're still paying attention, analyzing carefully, and asking yourself what will work for me?

"The only one who can create a weight loss program that really works for you, is you."

Conflicting reports on what is healthy, and what works for weight loss will not go away anytime soon. So how do you know who or what to trust? Your doctor? Your personal trainer? Your acupuncturist? No, dummy. It's YOU! We all have uniquely complex bodies, preferred tastes and different social and family obligations. Any diet that does not take those things into consideration - a diet that is not woven into your soul, that doesn't feed your cravings and send you into a state of food bliss - will never work for permanent weight loss.

WTF am I supposed to eat? is loaded with smart-ass advice from a smart-ass chick who generally knows what she's talking about. 

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Forever After
(Affairytale Book 2)

An enchanting sequel to Affairytale.


In just a few years my life went from this…


“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you. Let me tell you what I’m going to do to you the first time we make love.” -Affairytale


To this…


“He put his familiar, slightly older hand on my unfamiliar, more dimpled leg.

You want me to bend over a car? For our first time having sex since the baby. Outside? In the moonlight?” -Forever After


More than a decade after our love story leapt from the pages of a secret journal into real life, so much has changed. But the best parts have stayed the same. 

In true tell-all style, find out what happens after new love euphoria wears off

and how we keep our fairy tale romance alive. 


Oh… and all the deleted scenes from Affairytale that were too hot or too illegal to put in the first book?

They are all included here.

Updated Cover Rescue Matters.jpg
Rescue Matters

Four Years.

Four Thousand Dogs. 

An incredible true story of rescue and redemption. 

In a forgotten land where lives are lost…souls are sometimes found. 


When Keith Benning accepted the job as a deputy in a small North Dakota county, he had no idea he was about to face the biggest challenge of his life. Four years and four thousand dogs later, he lost his marriage, a fellow officer and nearly his own life. 


By rescuing seventy starving and unwanted animals out of his garage each month, Keith and a small  team of volunteers have changed the world for thousands of dogs, and tens of thousands more to come. Woven with riveting and inspiring real-life rescue stories, Rescue Matters tells a larger tale of tragedy-meets-redemption. A gripping account of how a garage rescue grew into a mighty force that inspired a nation.


C.J. English shares her personal experience inside the emotional and bittersweet world of dog rescue, delivering a heart-wrenching and deeply moving story that has much to teach us about responsibility and compassion. 


Rescue Matters is alive with meaning and purpose, proving that that it doesn’t take a law or government to change the world, all it takes is a few people trying to make a difference to start a revolution. 

50% of the profits from the sale of this book will go directly back to Keith Benning and his team at Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue!

*Not just for dog lovers, but for anyone inspired by the compassion of humans and the resilience of the animals who forgive them. 

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