C.J. English is an award-winning author and crazy animal lover who spends her days writing books, rescuing dogs and drinking wine. As a young girl she was made to travel the Midwest in a family band where she sang off key at county fairs to old people who clapped anyway. After escaping child labor, she never grew up to be a fully responsible adult, this shines through in her writing.


C.J. lives in Fargo, ND where she was born in a blizzard and woodchippers are real. She has dogs and a husband, plus three very cooped up children. She is contemplating starting a family band and forcing them travel and sing for old people. Thus far she hasn't made them, but she threatens.


If you're easily offended, she might not be your favorite author. Except for the dog rescue book, that one is suitable for anyone with a beating heart.

Expect a variety of themes, tropes and genres in fiction and non-fiction from this fearless writer.