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2017 & 2021 Readers Favorite book award winner. Amazon best-seller, non-fiction. Independent publisher. Wine drinker. Plant eater. Pit bull momma hell-bent on saving animals. 

Pick up a copy of WTF am I supposed to eat? If you want to lose weight or stop eating animals. 

Pick up a copy of Rescue Matters if you want to be inspired to help save them. 

C.J. lives in Fargo, North Dakota don't cha know, yeah you betcha she does. Where she was born in a blizzard, has two dogs, one husband and three children. She is contemplating starting a family band and forcing them to travel and sing for old people like her parents made her do. Thus far she hasn't, but she threatens and shows them embarrassing photos of what their fate could be if they don't fall in line. 

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